About company

The company was established in 2011 using Estonian capital. The main activity of our design company is the development of residential and industrial buildings. Over the years of operation, we have gained extensive experience in the design of apartment buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, kindergartens, and other reinforced concrete, metal and composite structures.

When constructing any of the above buildings, it is very important to choose the right design company. Unreasonable design solutions and errors made when choosing structural concepts may result in large time and money expenditures during the construction phase. Due to our experience of participation in projects of diverse complexity in Europe (Estonia, Sweden, Russia, and Norway), we are able to offer the best design solutions that often allow customers to significantly save money and shorten the construction period.

The company uses a method of three-dimensional BIM design in Tekla Structures software, which enables us to develop detailed projects of multi-storey buildings with complex architecture and structures. 3D modeling and advanced software for calculating forces and deformations allow creating the most effective structures without the need to use extra materials.

The leading construction companies in Sweden, manufacturers of reinforced concrete structures, the largest construction companies in Estonia and Russia are among our customers.