Multi-storey building with underground parking Kv Alnen

Multi-storey building with underground parking Kv Alnen
Project data
Location Линчепинг, Швеция
Area 23 000 m²
Customer NCC Sverige AB, AS BMGS
Status Здание готово

Within the project Kv Alnen, the designers developed the detailed design of precast reinforced concrete structures, production drawings and all mounting components and assembly diagrams required for the erection of the structures

The building was designed in compliance with the most stringent energy efficiency requirements.

Two –level underground parking construction: precast concrete columns, supporting steel beams and hollow core pre-stressed slabs.

Living part of the building: reinforced concrete frame (internal single-layer and external two-layer VI wall panel) console balconies with a fastening system Egco Box and composite floors system filigree.

Electrical sockets and necessary wiring, holes for utilities, ventilation and sewage were made in wall elements.

Innovative solutions for installing utilities inside reinforced concrete elements were implemented.

Reinforced concrete structures were developed using BIM processes, taking into account the time of preparation of production drawings for the plant and installation of finished reinforced concrete items on the construction site.