Multifunctional residential complexes «Scarlet Sales»

Multifunctional residential complexes «Scarlet Sales»
Project data
Location Октябрьский проспект, дом 117, г. Киров, Россия
Area 105 000 m²
Customer Kirovsky SSK
Status Здание готово

The total height of the 30-storey residential complex Scarlet Sales is 97.5 m. The project of the complex includes a residential three-section variable-height 22 to 28-storey building; stylobate superstructure – public spaces: office premises and shopping mall; stylobate semi-substructure and substructure – parking lots.

The building has a precast and cast-in-situ reinforced concrete frame. The supporting structure of continuous cross beams and columns and staircase diaphragm panels, which made it possible to meet special requirements for deflections of structural elements and use reinforced concrete elements without pre-stress upon request of the manufacturer, were used during the design process.

Foundation: solid cast-in-situ reinforced concrete slab thickness 1500mm.

Columns: precast concrete, beams, reinforced concrete diaphragm panels precast and cast on site concrete, floor slabs: hollow core pre-stressed slabs, external reinforced concrete walls, massive slabs, staircases, platforms.

The static and dynamic structural calculations were performed in the computational complex SCAD. When connecting the lower tier of columns to the foundation slab, the system of fastening with HPKM embedded parts by Peikko was used. All loads to the column are transferred through column shoes to anchor bolts in the foundation. Peikko flexible PVL loops were used to vertically interconnect internal single-layer wall slabs.

Reinforced concrete structures were developed using BIM processes, taking into account the time of preparation of production drawings for the plant and installation of finished reinforced concrete items on the construction site.